Formica Website

A digital Formica showroom, complete with inspiring solutions, space to browse and learn, and knowledgeable experts to answer your questions, provide recommendations and help you find exactly what you’re looking for.


Understand & Define

Stakeholder Interviews
Interviewed a wide range of stakeholders from around the globe to understand their business objectives, products and customers. This wide perspective gave us insights into the various touch-points customers have with Formica, both in-person and online.

Additional User Research Inputs
We were provided with a Foresee satisfaction insights report which helped us to better understand the overall experience of customers, the path(s) taken on the site, and what and what challenges they encountered. Prior to our engagement, the client had tested a proof of concept of a new navigation structure and product finder experience designed by a third-party. The feedback from this remote user test demonstrated common pathways users took (or expected to take) to product information. These findings helped us to prioritize which features needed the most attention and had the greatest impact on the user experience.

Auditing Activities
In an effort to better understand the depth and breadth of content, way-finding and tools available to users, I completed the following audits:

  • Existing website audit

  • Proof of concept design audit

  • Competitive audit

User Archetypes
From the research activities we identified nearly twenty different types of site users (of varying importance) but focused on five core customer types. For each core customer, we leveraged our research inputs and the phases of the customer journey to consider:

  • What type of project are they working on? (User scenarios for commercial or residential)

  • What would they come to the site to do?

  • What content is most relevant & helpful?

Search by Color Experience

Formerly, customers had to select a specific product line before they could see the range of colors, patterns and styles. Based on stakeholder interviews and customer feedback via Foresee, we understood that this was a frustrating experience. In the new experience, we wanted to provide a more visual way for designers to explore based on the look they are trying to achieve and then direct them toward product line information.